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P 160

Very easy to steer and effective for all beach conditions :

Ideal for confined and rough areas.
Designed for cleaning narrow, sloppy and serviced beaches (with play area, beach furniture, umbrellas, etc.). Highly versatile. Effective for large and medium-sized beaches, thanks to its working width (1, 7 m) (77”).

A simple, robust and reliable design, to cut your operating costs.

Hot galvanizing, by dipping the frame and assemblies, for the best possible protection against corrosion.
High-quality steels, sized to stand the beach working conditions in the long run. Very little maintenance required. Hydraulic system: powerful, simple, reliable and secured.



  • Length: 2 530 mm (100”)
  • Width: 2 170 mm 85”) (Smoother-finisher)
  • Overall height: 1 250 mm (49”) (Laid on the ground)
  • Weight empty: 620 kg
  • Hopper capacity: 600 liters
  • Dump height: up to 1 400 mm (Depending on the tractor’s size)
  • Number of vibrating rollers: 2
  • Hydraulic tank: 40 liters (integral with the frame)
  • Sound level: < 70 dB
  • Drive : Hydraulic pump and motors for driving the screening belt and beater
  • Anticorrosion treatment: Hot galvanizing by dipping the frame and the various parts (hopper, lifting system, beater, etc.). This ensures the best protection, including the bore of tubular parts).


  • Working width: 1 700 mm (67”)(up to 1 900 mm (75”) optionally)
  • Working depth: 0 to 180 mm (7”)
  • Can be used on dry or wet sand
  • Type of waste: seaweeds, reeds, wood, plastics, cans, large debris..
  • Area efficiency: up to 15 000 m2 / hour (150,000 sq. ft / h) (depending on beach conditions)
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