T120 VS - Canicas
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T120 VS

The «smallest» model in our line, but still a true “Canicas” sifter. This machine, first designed for leisure center beaches, rapidly became a part of capital stock in coastal communities.

Coupled to a tractor with four driving wheels and about thirty HP, this sifter can maintain efficiently sandy playgrounds and sports grounds, private beaches, leisure center beaches and coastal beaches. The sifting system (screening belt and vibrating rollers) reaches a depth of over 15 cm (6”) on all types of sand (wet, compacted, dry, etc.). From small to rough and large debris, the quality of cleaning is always perfect. Even the smallest beach areas will maintain their touristic appeal.

Based on many years of experience and of meeting your expectations, this model embodies the core principles of our line: robustness, reliability and simplicity.

Hot galvanizing, by dipping the frame and various parts, ensures the best protection against corrosion. High-quality steels and parts, sized to match the frame of this model, provide longterm resistance to the constraints of sand sifting. Very little maintenance required. Hydraulic system: powerful, simple, reliable and secured.



  • Length:3 900 mm (154”)
  • Width: 1 765 mm (70”) (Smoother-finisher) / 1 600 mm (63”) (outside tires)
  • Overall height: 1 210 mm (48”)
  • Weight empty: 900 kg
  • Hopper capacity : 400 litres
  • Dump height: On ground or dumping dock
  • Number of vibrating rollers: 2
  • Hydraulic tank: 30 litres (integral with the frame)
  • Low-pressure tires 26 x 12.00 x 12
  • Sound level : < 70 dB
  • Drive: Hydraulic pump and motors for driving the screening belt and beater
  • Anticorrosion treatment : Hot galvanizing by dipping the frame and the various parts (hopper, lifting system, beater, etc.). This ensures the best protection, including the bore of tubular parts).


  • Working width: 1 250 mm (49”) (up to 1 500 mm (59”) optionally)
  • Working depth: 0 à 180 mm (7”)
  • Can be used on dry or wet sand
  • Type of waste: Seaweeds, reeds, wood, plastics, cans, rubble, glass, large debris..
  • Rendement surfacique : up to 15 000 m²/hour (150,000 sq. ft / h) (depending on beach conditions)


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