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The flagship model of our line, designed to deal with even the toughest situations.

Very high area performance, considerable loading volume and exceptional performances on all types of sand and waste perfectly suited to the largest beaches. Its very low steering angle, due to an innovating coupler carrier and an optimized hydraulic drive, makes it very easy to steer and use on all configurations of beaches. The motors’ hydraulic power and the robust forward blade and beater are ideally suited for considerable volumes of waste, and accommodate depths of over 10”.

A simple, robust and reliable design, to cut your operating costs.

Hot galvanizing, by dipping the frame and assembly parts, for the best possible protection against corrosion. High-quality steels, sized in order to stand the beach working conditions in the long run. Very little maintenance required. Hydraulic system: powerful, simple, reliable and secured.



  • Length:5 990 mm (236”)
  • Width: 2 550 mm (100”) (Smoother-finisher) / 2 550 mm (100”) (outside tires)
  • Overall height: 2 600 mm (102”)
  • Axle load : 2 740 kg
  • Weight empty: 3 440 kg
  • Hopper capacity : 2 600 litres
  • Dump height: from 1 100 mm (43”) to 2 600 mm (102”)
  • Number of vibrating rollers: 4
  • Hydraulic tank: 98 litres (integral with the frame)
  • Low-pressure tires : 550 / 45 R 22,5
  • Sound level: < 70 dB
  • Drive: Hydraulic pump and motors for driving the screening belt and beater
  • Anticorrosion treatment : Hot galvanizing by dipping the frame and the various parts (hopper, lifting system, beater, etc.). This ensures the best protection, including the bore of tubular parts).


  • Working width: 2 220 mm (87”) (up to 2 500 mm (98”) optionally)
  • Working depth: 0 to 300 mm (12”)
  • Can be used on dry or wet sand
  • Type of waste: Seaweeds, reeds, wood, plastics, cans, rubble, glass, large debris..
  • Area performance: up to 32 000 m²/hour (320,000 sq.ft) (depending on beach conditions)


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